Thursday, June 18, 2009

Baileys liquor Chocolate Chip and Cream desert

Simple and very very very yummy.

Prepare today for tomorrow

1-2 pks (14 biscuits approx but depends on size) of really good quality double chocolate chip cookies
100ml Baileys Cream Liqueur
250ml Cream, whipped
Chocolate Shavings, Drops to decorate, or Cadburys Flake broken up, or sprinkle of cocoa

Use a 9" spring form tin otherwise its tricky to remove the finished cake

Pour the Bailey into a bowl
One by one, dip or soak (depending on how strong you want it) the biscuits into the Baileys
Once each on is soaked place in the tin until you have a layer
Cover and spread evenly the freshly whipped cream
Repeat the dipping processing and make another layer on top of the cream
Cover and spread with cream again
Sprinkle with the chocolate shavings or drops or flake etc to decorate

Leave in the fridge overnight to allow the biscuits to absorb the cream mixture

Remove from fridge just before serving and enjoy !!!

(Increase quantities of Baileys and biscuits as required)

Serve as is without further cream as its quite heavy. Use a cake slice to serve as it is quite messy.

Enjoy !!

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