Thursday, January 28, 2010

All Quiet on the western front

Well not really, with a new baby , new job and christmas all happening in the last few months, time has been precious.

I managed to get my heatmiser PRT-HW/N and PRT-N working on my openwrt box with a usb serial and rs232 to 485 adapter. Now using a spare sony ericson z610i phone via usb , I can control my heatmiser controls via sms. This is done using smstools , a bash file that parses the sms body and then runs a perl script based on the commands in the message.

The perl script does some serial communication to program the 2 heatmiser stats. I can set the temp, turn on/off frost control etc.

I hope to tidy it up a little bit, but so far it's quite robust, so a small tidy before I put the code somewhere for others to copy/use.

Other things , I have been fixing some bugs in m0n0wall and adding some features and adding to ipv6 support. I just ordered a usb GPS unit, so I can use it on m0n0wall or openwrt with gpsd and ntpd to create a stratum 1 time source. It was only around $30 so will be fun, even though it's my 4th gps unit now ! A commercial ntp unit of this nature is 6000 euro, though does have a better local timesource if gps fails, but not 5950 euros worth !

Thursday, January 21, 2010

A great Builder

This guy spent 4 months renovating our house and did an excellent job, couldn't recommend him more !

now he has a web site, check it out

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