Thursday, November 29, 2018

Android Auto and Google maps 'GPS not found'

I started using android Auto, and found that with my S8 , google maps would be inaccurate, and not update location, and display 'searching for gps' occasionally.

This turns out to be the power saving feature enabled on the s8, it disables background location checks.  Unfortunately disabling power saving makes me need to find a charger in the middle of the day, and I pretty much get through a full day without needing a charger.

So, I looked at how I can remedy this situation and settled with using Automate to create a workflow, which is triggered when car-mode is enabled.  This workflow then calls a tasker plugin called securetask, which you grant special perms to.  This plugin changes the power state , disabling power saving, so it fixes the problem.  when car mode is exited, it turns powersaving back on.

Sunday, November 4, 2018

Hyundai Tuscon Radio, adding station logos

get radiologos here and extract to an SD card

then get the list of stations, and their PI from  , generate the list for you country.

each station has a PI, which is in hex, convert it to decimal, and rename the png logo file to sid_<decemial>.png

do this for each station, and store it in the logos directory on the SD card

insert the SD, start the unit, and select install from the menu that pops up.

vw let you download a zip of your countries logos, but you still need to rename them

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