Sunday, September 28, 2008

update:resol vbus serial to windows

so, turns out that socat on openwrt doesn't compile with serial support, and enabling it causes breakage :-(

instead I am now using ser2net for the same function, on windows still using com0com and com2tcp, the resol windows software now talks to the controller via tcp and openwrt running on a box in the hot press

com2tcp --baud 9600 \\.\COM44 2500

Sunday, September 21, 2008

redirecting a windows serial port

I have a board connected to my solar control (resol BS plus) via it's vbus interface.

resol do windows software, so i want to redirect my windows pc to see my embedded board running dd-wrt , as its serial

com2tcp does this on the windows side, and socat (see other post) does this on the linux side

reading and writing to a serial port

i am using an embedded board (x86) running dd-wrt, with a serial port connected to a counter see here .

I needed to send a command and collect its response, but normal cat and echo of ttyS0 didn't work, either giving me permission denied or missing the response.

this worked

/usr/local/usr/bin/socat gopen:/tmp/input.txt!!create:/tmp/output.txt /dev/tts/0,echo=0

where tts/0 is the serial port, and /tmp/input.txt has the command to elicit the response, and /tmp/output.txt catches the response. the create: clause makes it overwrite the output.txt each time you run the command

or explicitly for my board

socat exec:'echo ACA'\!\!- /dev/ttyUSB0,echo=0 | cut -b2-

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Bathroom renovation

I got my bathrooms renovated a year ago, and the folks that did it were excellent, they not have some sample videos of before and after shots, see

Fire Alarms