Monday, July 27, 2009

windows 7 MCE

The other day I installed Windows 7 RC 64bit onto a spare PC , and plugged in my Dazzle/Pinnacle USB hybrid DTV stick (330e). Windows installed the drivers itself, and following the tuning menu in MCE, it found the Irish DVB-T ( DTT trial) broadcast.

When I tried to play it on the PC, it complained about codecs and wouldn't display.

I added my xbox360 as a media extender, and it played the channels fine via MCE ! ( the dvb-t here is h.264 ).

Next I added a PCI satellite card ( nova-s-plus ), pointing at astra 2D. It found channels such as BBC1 etc, and BBCHD. These all played fine on the 360 too !

Next I tried some divx and xvid via MCE (not via upnp or media player) , these were fine.

Lastly I tried some MPEG-TS files in HD , these were not fine. HDTVpump didn't make and difference. They would think they were playing, but I got no audio or video on my 360. They played fine on the PC.

I tried it on a macbookpro core duo, and they played on the 360 then. It appears MCE is doing some type of transcoding using mfpmp.exe , and the previous PC didn't have enough cpu/memory combo to make it work.

Interestingly , the files with DTS get converted on the fly by MCE to PCM and this is fine on the 360 , those with AC3 get passed through and the AC3 is sent out the 360 perfectly.

Hopefully I can test a FireDTV, as I need an external sat card for the macbook, and preferably and s2 card so I can get more HD channels.

Friday, July 17, 2009

MythTV and DVB-T settings

To receive the DVB-T stations in Ireland, I used Full Scan (Tuned) with these settings

Freq. 738000000
Band. 8Mhz
Inversion. Auto
Constellation QAM 64
LP Coderate 1/2
HP Coderate 2/3
Trans. Mode 8k
Guard Interval 1/32
Hierarchy None

Fire Alarms