Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Blackberry Bold Failing to connect to BIS via WIFI

Seems lots of people have issues with wifi on blackberry handsets.

As I've just deployed it in work, with a tied down ACL, I started to use it a home.

In work, it worked fine, roamed between AP's around the building and went direct to the BES, no external dependencies, which is good as Vodafone broke their network last week, and wifi kept us working.

At home, I get intermittent success, some times it works fine, others it doesn't.

I use WPA2+AES for wifi, and the Blackberry connects and get's an IP address, but all I see are lots of arp requests, and the Blackberry can't ping itself or it's gateway. I don't even see the ICMP come into the gateway.

After some reading around, seems to be a common problem, with some people having success on some router models and not others. My AP is Belkin Wireless N, and my router is m0n0wall.

Anyway, the problem appears to be with AES and the blackberry. My Androids and laptops and iphones all have no issue at home with wpa2+aes. I have enabled wpa2+tkip along with wpa2+aes, and now my blackberry works flawlessly.

So , seems that the Bold (other report other models) has an AES problem that is intermittent.

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