Sunday, May 18, 2008

yet another way for dazzle and heron :-(

cd ~
hg clone
cd em28xx-new
sudo ./
cd ~


Michael said...

yet another way for dazzle and heron :-(
ought to be exactly what i've been looking for for ages ... if only i had the prior knowledge you seem to assume i have about ''. presumably, one does it as ./ build at first, but then does one do load, then install? or install then load? or just install?

and for that matter, what does one do next? presumably reboot, but then does one modprobe em28xx-new, followed by plugging one's device in, or something else?

thanks and cheers, map
[mike padlipsky, a/k/a]

Desra said...

yes, just execute commands as posted, and yes I assume basic linux system knowledge

to be honest, the em28xx support it not the best, you typically need to insert usb stick after book and modprobe, there are known problems with doing this during boot (it doesn't work).

I got a wintv nova td, which has 2 tuners in it , which allows me to watch one transponder (here that equals several channels) and record another. it is supported by heron without any special requirements and works everytime. my dazzle stick is now used in windows and osx instead of linux.