Sunday, September 28, 2008

update:resol vbus serial to windows

so, turns out that socat on openwrt doesn't compile with serial support, and enabling it causes breakage :-(

instead I am now using ser2net for the same function, on windows still using com0com and com2tcp, the resol windows software now talks to the controller via tcp and openwrt running on a box in the hot press

com2tcp --baud 9600 \\.\COM44 2500


Gargo said...

Hi Desra,
I see you are trying to use what little sun we get in Ireland.
I've got a Asus wl500gPv2 running DD-WRT, connected via a USB-Serial cable to my PIC controller. The PIC controls my solar water heater pump.
I'm interested in the setting you've used for ser2net?
I was actualy trying to find out if the Linux ser2net is compatible with the Windows com2tcp, well you are telling me it is so I'll continue.
I may have some questions about RRDTools later.

Desra said...

yes, ser2net works with com2tcp

I put this line in my ser2net.conf


Gargo said...

Thanks for that Desra, I've now read the man for ser2net, yes simple really.
Can you tell me where you found a suitable compiled version of ser2net?
I know I'm running a different version of Linux, dd-wrt, but I'll give it a go.
I'm new to Linux and although I'm starting to like it, it's hard going. I don't want to start learning to use cygwin, to compile. :-)
Should I be that worried about which copy of ser2net I use?

Thanks, Gargo.
May the sun shine on; all our panels.

Gargo said...

Just found a copy for the OS.
Looked there yesterday never saw the download button, as I say I'm new to all this.

Thanks for the help,

Desra said...

there is a package of ser2net, have a look at ipkg etc