Sunday, April 12, 2009

sharing data feeds

I put my solar and other feeds onto pachube, looks like the site may have potential, especially if the support googles visualisation api in the future.

Though , googles powermeter will support solar and they will allow direct user feeds at some point.

I will stick with rrdcollect and google spreadsheets, this gives me local data without depending on the internet working, and also gives me nice external views.


Daniel said...

Looks very interesting, I would love to do this too. One slight security concern though; surely you're making it fairly obvious when nobody is at home? My top/bottom collector change a lot when anybody is using water, so no activity for a few days is a sign we're away.

Desra said...

Yes, had thought of that, though they would have to know where I lived ...

I might have to put in a 1 or 2 week offset for the data when published externally and 15min/realtime for home use