Monday, March 11, 2013

Netscaler Nitro API, surge queues and servicegroup members

we just upgraded to 9.3 61.5 , and nitro changed , citrix call it 'tidying up', but all I can say is that not making your API backwards compatible in a minor release is bad bad bad.

so, to get the service group members, their surge queue and other stats is now a multi step process

poll the config , get the lb names, and the service groups bound

  1. call /nitro/v1/config/lbvserver  to get a list of vserver names
  2. call /nitro/v1/config/lbvserver_servicegroupmember_binding/{lbservername} to get list of members
  3. call /nitro/v1/stat/servicegroupmember?args=servicegroupname:{servicegroupname},serverName:{ip},port:{port}"
suddenly a simple call is now N* bigger and more complex :-(

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