Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Measureing Gas usage

So, now I need to complete the picture and measure my Natural gas usage (heating and hot water only, no cooking). My system is a potterton HE model, which modulates gas usage , so monitoring the board or burner LED won't work as gas flow is not a constant.

Unfortunately my Meter is outside of the house , on the garden wall, with the gas pipes routed under the path into the house. This means running wires is pretty much impossible. So I would have to do something wireless with batteries, maybe an IR sensor counting the meter turns. Either way, it's going to be expensive and not reliable.

So, I think I will ask my plumber how much he will charge to install a gas meter in the house, in line with the boiler. This is basically to be used as an expensive sensor. This one isn't too expensive, and has a pulsed output that can be read the same way my electricity pulses are measured


Time to ring my plumber, he needs to fix a radiator anyway

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