Friday, May 22, 2009

Wifi security in Ireland

I recently drove from Wexford to Dublin. I decided to scan for wireless networks on the way. Some interesting stats

I found 192 Access Points;

Security types were;

[Open] 38
[IBSS] 2
[WEP] 89

Of the 192 AP's, 128 were Eircom mac Addresses

Of this 128 , 15 had their SSID's non default (13 were netopia mac 00:0f:cc)

Of the remaining 113, 62 were wep, 7 open and 44 WPA/WPA2

Of this 113, 67 were netopia macs 00:0f:cc, the ones with extra easy to crack wep.

Of this 67, 5 were open and 1 was WPA/WPA2 and 61 were still WEP.

What this tells you is that nearly every one with a netopia that had bad wep, have not changed their setup. Eircom need to fix this.

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