Friday, May 15, 2009

openwrt e270 with 8.09

so it appears to be more stable in 8.09, and may go several days before 'usb disconnect'. Interestingly, it now redetects it without reboot, but ppp0 is still active, and therefore it gets assigned USB1 instead of USB0, so networking would need to be reconfigured.

I added openvpn to the wgt634u, and setup tunnels , and this seams to help, so maybe it's a powersave thing that if there is no traffic the e270 3g modem tries to standby and causes the problems

I found that it was intermittent enough for me to live with a watchdog reboot script like this

ping -4 -c 3 -I ppp0 | grep -v '0 packets received' | grep 'packets received' || (ping -4 -c 3 -I ppp0 | grep -v '0 packets received' | grep 'packets received' || reboot)

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